Everything You Need to Know About Starting and Growing Online Business.

Very happy with Savvy Smart Sexy People Do Internet Marketing. A eBook is helped me get a new look for the website goals & also increased the website traffic and sales by using Facebook pixels.

Alesandra Poddeserr

You Will Learn:

  1. How to Create a Booming Business by Focusing on Internet Marketing.
  2. How to Create Brand Awareness and Online Presence.
  3. How to Boost your Online Presence with a Marketing Plan.
  4. How to Gain Online Marketing Success by Creating Realistic Milestones.
  5. What You Need to Know to Develop an Internet Marketing Recipe.
  6. Insider Secrets on How to Be the Best at Video Marketing on Facebook.
  7. How to Save and Make Money with Re-marketing and Your Landing Page.
  8. How to Drive Your Profit Through the Roof and Create a Sales Funnel That Will Make You Successful.

What People Are Saying:

  • avatar Jay Kansara CEO at "Algorithm IT Hub”

    "Even being in digital media for four plus years. I still got so much out of this. Great to see things from another point of view and discuss changes in the industry. Fantastic efforts by Sandra for this eBook. "

  • avatar Maja Smiljanic Founder and CEO at "Maja Tours Thailand"

    “I know how to build a blog/website. I already have my online business. I know how to create products and make sales. However, I am not sure how many of tools, strategy and tips and tricks which I found out here. This eBook has some fantastic step by step tutorials as well as great ideas, strategies, and resources. After, reading this book, I realized there was a lot of stuff that was left out."

About The Author

sandra jakovljevic

Sandra is the CEO and founder of Savvy Smart Sexy People and has numerous accolades under her belt. It has been her passion to empower people to strive to be the best version of themselves. She loves to help jump start business and assist them to become a success.

She has a lot of experience in business development, project management, marketing, entrepreneurship and Starting a Business and How to Grow Business. She has delivered many training and consultancy services such as startup development, website development, marketing and project development. Sandra is a dreamer, and she enjoys meeting new people and the challenge that comes when working on a new project.

She loves long walks, playing tennis, listening to music and discovering new technologies.

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